Here is our Google Calendar with all our school, district and PTA events. Feel free to import this calendar onto your personal devices. Scroll down below the calendar to get instructions on how to import.

Click on an event for a detailed description. More information about our committees and ongoing events can be found on our Events & Programs page.

Please note: the Everett School District designates the 1st and 3rd Monday and the 2nd and 4th Thursday for elementary school events to avoid conflicts with middle school and high school events.

Here is how to import our calendar:

Mill Creek Elementary PTA Calendar iCAL link:

  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. To the right of Other calendars, click the drop down arrow > Add by URL.
  3. Paste the ICAL link in the field > click Add Calendar.
  1. Open Outlook Calendar.
  2. At the top click Import
  3. On the left click Subscribe
  4. Give it a name and paste in the ICAL Link shown above > click Continue button at bottom.
  1. Open Yahoo Calendar.
  2. At the top click the gear Actions.
  3. Click Follow Other Calendars
  4. Give it a name and paste in the ICAL Link shown above > click Subscribe button at bottom.