Mission and Goals

2023-2024 Vision and Mission Statement

Mill Creek Elementary PTA adheres to the Washington State PTA’s vision that every Child’s potential becomes a reality.  Further, MCE PTA’s vision is that every MCE student and family will feel welcome, accepted and included.

The Mission of Mill Creek Elementary PTA is to provide a system of support and resources for the students, teachers and families at Mill Creek Elementary. MCE PTA does this by sponsoring events and programs that address the needs of our diverse community while fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment in which students, families and teachers are engaged and empowered. We provide financial support to enhance educational opportunities and harness a committed volunteer cadre to advocate for the interests of our school and community.  We advocate for the well-being and education of all children, and particularly those who are traditionally unheard and underserved.

2023-2024 Goals

  • Goal #1 Engagement

    Expand, strengthen and nurture Mill Creek Elementary’s community of students, caregivers, teachers, and staff.

    • Celebrate and acknowledge the diversity of our community by being a resource for all MCE families.  Incorporate inclusion in all aspects of our PTA planning (cultural, sensory, accessibility, learning differences and other community needs).
    • Strive for a membership of 400 members and 100% staff membership. Promote membership by holding two membership drives during the school year.
    • Sponsor “Free to You” memberships for those supporters for whom the cost of membership dues is a barrier.
    • Develop and use effective ways to communicate with the school community. 
    • Seek feedback and input using both surveys and in-person listening sessions.
    • Participate in the National PTA School of Excellence Program; use resources within the Center for Family Engagement to engage with MCE families in a meaningful and impactful way.
    • Reach out to new families and staff within the school to develop a positive relationship with the PTA.


    Goal #2 Advocacy

    Provide information and resources about issues within our community, Everett School District and the state of Washington impacting children. 

    • Adopt an Anti-Racism Resolution.
    • Organize and support at least two charitable projects benefiting our wider community.
    • Sponsor at least two community education and/or training resource events.
    • Send voting delegates to the annual WSPTA Legislative Assembly.


    Goal #3 PTA Leadership

    Support the training, education and recognition of MCE PTA leadership and volunteers.

    • Each member of the Board of Directors will complete at least one WSPTA or National PTA training class per year.
    • At least one member of the Board of Directors will participate in monthly Everett PTSA Council meetings, and provide a report to the MCE PTA Board.
    • The MCE PTA Board will apply for at least five WSPTA recognition awards.
    • Volunteers will be recognized for their contributions throughout the year.