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Art of the Masters/Art Docents

What is the Art of the Masters docent program?

The Art of the Masters docent program was developed by Mary Wiggins to help parents and school community members be involved in bringing the joy of art to children in the classroom.

Six times per year, Ms. Wiggins comes to the school and teaches the volunteer art docents to deliver a lesson on a particular artist or artistic style. During the hands-on session, the docents work with the same materials the children will, experiencing the process themselves. The school’s lead docents organize class schedules and materials bins so that the classroom docents need only show up, set up, and shine for each of the lessons. At Mill Creek Elementary, the Art of the Masters program has been in place since 2010. All children in the school are receiving regular and consistent art education through the program, and are having a great time doing it. And the volunteers enjoy it, too.

Me? Teach art? You bet!

You have the skills to be an Art Docent, we give you the knowledge. Your time makes it happen, it only takes 2-3 hours per lesson for both training and teaching the lesson. If you can confidently sign your name and speak to a classroom of students, you can teach art with the Art of the Masters Program. Focused 1-hour training sessions for each of 6 lessons give you an overview on the featured artist, practice with the materials, and the confidence to teach. The Lead Docents organize all the materials for you for each 1-hour lesson. You show up, set up, and shine in the classroom.  It’s easy, it’s fun, the kids love it and love you!

Sign up for the 2017-18 year today by contacting our lead docent, Colette Janning, 

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