Cougar Movers

What is Cougar Movers?

Cougar Movers is a Running/Walking program that meets before school every Friday morning from 8:10-8:55 AM on the MCE field. Or you can participate in our program virtually!

In Person Cougar Movers Starts Friday, September 15th!

Students and siblings (even 3 year olds!) earn a small charm for their Cougar Movers necklace for each 12 laps and a larger charm for every 105 laps…A MARATHON!

Things to remember!

  • 1 lap = .25 miles
  • 12 laps = 3 miles  → 1 small charm
  • 105  laps = 26.6 miles (1 marathon!) → 1 large charm

Virtual Cougar Movers

Does your student love Cougar Movers, but you can't attend in person Friday Mornings?  We have a solution! You and your student(s) can participate in Virtual Cougar Movers!

  1. Pick a day each week to track your Cougar Movers laps. Doesn’t have to be a Friday, pick any day you want. If you miss a week, that’s ok! But, we are only counting laps once a week, just like if we were in school.
  2. Pick a location, you can use a school track or simply track your distance on your phone/watch. 1 lap = .25 miles.
  3. Start your timer for 45 minutes and get moving! You don’t have to run/walk for the whole time, but 45 minutes is the weekly limit for our program.
  4. When you are finished, fill out the Cougar Movers Google form every Sunday by 8:00 PM for that week and we will enter your laps into our system. Charms will be delivered to your student's teacher.

Virtual / In-Person “Wheels” (Wheelchair, Walker, etc)

We are happy to introduce our new category “Wheels” to enable everybody to join our program. Let’s move how your body’s mobility allows!  

2023-2024 Cougar Movers Shirts are now available for preorder!

Orders must be placed by Sunday, September 17th, 2023. Please allow 4 weeks from September 17th for delivery.

Get moving, Cougars!

Questions? Please contact our Cougar Movers Chair!

2022 - 2023 Results!

325 participants 
35400 laps (8850 miles)
131 marathon finishers!