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Science Day


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Each year, the Mill Creek PTA organizes and hosts an amazing Science Extravaganza for all students at Mill Creek Elementary. This is a FULL day filled with hands-on science presentations and labs, which allow the students to broaden their knowledge and experiences into areas they may have never thought of or heard about.

Science DayEach year, we host an average of 25-30 presenters.  Each grade level rotates through 4-5 different presentations and usually, an assembly.  Presenters range from kindergarteners being sought out by rescue dogs brought in by a Snohomish K9 Search and Rescue team, to first graders working with a team of parent volunteers who teach about earthquakes and then help them build and erupt volcanoes, to second graders learning about reptiles and insects, to third graders dissecting squid (also lead by brave parent volunteers), to fourth graders learning about whales and dissecting owl pellets, to our fifth graders who learn about the impacts of drugs and alcohol as they view diseased organs brought in by a Providence Hospital nurse.

This day is a favorite among students, teachers and parents alike. Anyone who has participated in this day has always expressed amazement and excitement for what it offers their children in the course of a single day. We hope that with this exposure, children might find a new passion or interest in the field of science.  The excitement and joy on student’s faces, along with the amazing potluck lunch our community provides for presenters and volunteers, makes our Science Day an event our presenters and volunteers love to return to year after year.

How can I help?

This event is such a large undertaking, that it cannot be successful without the multitude of volunteers who come to assist each year. Whether it is helping in the pre-event administrative work, volunteering to be a presenter, or simply assisting in the classrooms for as little or much time as you can spare, we are grateful for any assistance.  Furthermore, if you have an idea or resource for additional presentations that we might be able to offer or incorporate into our future events, we would love to hear your ideas and suggestions. We are always seeking out fresh, new presentations to expand our repertoire of presenters.  It is never too early to get in touch with us regarding this event -- we start planning in the Fall.  Send us an email anytime to get involved, help with planning, offer suggestions, or volunteer at the event. All ideas are welcome!

Contact our Science Day Chair,  to get involved