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Guide for Committee Chairs

We have gathered the committee leadership resources together to make them easy to access.

Please review this year's Mission and Vision Statements and updated Goals. Our intention is to use these documents to guide our programming and decision making throughout the year to ensure that we are staying true to our intentions.

  • Financial guidelines and forms
  • Space requests are processed by the PTA Presidents.  Please contact as soon as you begin planning your event to ensure that the event is appropriately scheduled on the PTA calendar, and so we can book the spaces you need.  In the email, please tell us: the event name, date of event, requested locations, time of event (plus additional setup or cleanup time) so we can take care of the space booking on your behalf.
  • Kidmail: All flyers and announcements sent out through Kidmail need to be approved by the PTA Co-Presidents before being routed to the Principal.  (Kidmail is distributed through the classrooms, generally on Tuesdays.) We follow the same procedures for fliers that will be posted around campus, as well.
    1. Submit materials to be copied and distributed by hard copy with the Copy and Distribution form attached.  Traditionally, Kidmail is distributed on Tuesdays.
    2. First submit to PTA Presidents for approval; leave in the PTA inbox in the office. Kidmail requests should be submitted to the PTA Presidents no later than the Wednesday before you'd like your mail to be distributed.
    3. Once approved by the PTA President we will forward to the Principal, Brenda Fuglevand for approval
    4. Once approved by the Principal, she will return it to the PTA inbox and the PTA Presidents will put the forms in your committee’s folder in the PTA room.
    5. PTA Committee chairs / board members are responsible for making their own copies and putting them into teacher mailboxes. If you do not know how to use the machines in the copy room, please let us know and we'll be happy to provide a training!
      1. Current class counts may be posted in the copy room; if not, you can request this from Becky in the office.
      2. If possible, make one additional copy per classroom for teacher reference.  You may also want to make extra copies for the counter in the office, if appropriate.
  • PTA Logos/Signs: Using the MCE logo and other "branding" helps clarify which events are PTA-sponsored.
    • The MCE logo and the MCE PTA logo must be included on all kid mail flyers, brochures, or anything that will be sent home or posted at MCE. (logo downloads)
    • Hang the "This Event Sponsored by the PTA" banner at all PTA events to increase awareness of PTA programming. (Contact the PTA Presidents for more info on where to find/how to hang.)
  • Event planning and assessment
    • Plan of Action (form to come)
    • Evaluation/Survey info (form to come)