Safe Space Initiatives

Safe Space Initiatives

Copy of Safe Space Blue(1)
MCE PTA has carefully considered our member-adopted Mission and Goals, National PTA and Washington State PTA resolutions and the programs and events we have held as a PTA with the goal of making our PTA and school a safe space. Resolutions guide our advocacy work from the local to the state and federal level.

These initiatives include:

1. Anti-Bullying represented by an orange Cougar paw print, to represent the anti-bullying week project where students could write anti-bullying messages and the PTA displayed them around the school. MCE PTA also sponsored in-person assemblies for every grade with the theme of Anti-Bullying. WSPTA Resolution.

2. Anti-Racism represented by upraised fists in various skin tones as a sign of solidarity and to mark the anti-racism resolution goal MCE PTA has this year. It also represents the Monthly Diverse Book Drive and the second annual Black History Month Book Discussion. WSPTA Resolution.

3. Mental Health Support represented by a brain and peaceful growing plants to show our efforts for mental health support through the Healthy Minds nights as well as the "Permission to Feel" book club. WSPTA Resolution.

4. LGBTQ+ Inclusion represented by the intersex progressive pride flag in a purple heart, to represent the GLAAD LGBTQ+ anti-bullying spirit day and the National and State PTA resolutions for LGBTQ+ Inclusion. These resolutions are the only specifically-worded Inclusion resolutions that PTA has adopted and they apply to every level of education. WSPTA Resolution.
5. Disability Advocacy and Education represented by a chalkboard for the education about disabilities and the state house for advocacy for legislation for both visible and invisible disabilities, symbolized by the two figures. The disability pride flag, which was created to raise awareness and as a symbol of solidarity, pride and acceptance, forms the basis and background of our efforts. WSPTA Resolution.
All artwork was obtained via Wikipedia commons or Canva using MCE PTA's nonprofit license.